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We help our clients achieve tangible, high-impact results.

Eventually, every company faces situations or challenges where they have no clear solutions. We collaborate with our clients to think about these challenges in new ways with the goal of producing actionable insights and unique solutions. Our advisory services encompass all areas of strategy and performance improvement, emergency management services, business restructuring and turnarounds, risk strategy and evaluation, litigation support and expert testimony, and corporate management services.

Expert business advisory services that deliver decisive change.

Business Restructuring and Turnarounds

Business Restructuring and Turnarounds

  • Financial Restructuring and Value Capture

  • Cash Flow Management and Forecasting

  • Third-Party Stakeholder Strategy and Execution

  • Operating Performance Improvement

  • Reporting and Oversight

  • Asset Portfolio Optimization

  • Management Compensation Evaluation

  • Restructuring Transition Change Management (Talent and Process) 

Strategy and Performance Improvement

  • Asset Management and Capital Planning 

  • Market and Business Analytics

  • Organizational Change Management

  • Organizations Design and Business Process Improvement

  • IT Innovation and Program Management

Litigation Support and Expert Testimony

  • Litigation & Arbitration Support

  • Asset Portfolio Analysis & Valuation

  • Contract Analysis & Valuation

  • Strategy Evaluation and Development

  • Expert Testimony

Emergency Management Services

  • Interagency Coordination (State, Local, and Federal)

  • Emergency Procurement Support (FEMA; 2 CFR Part 200 compliant)

  • FEMA and Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Audit Support

  • Emergency Response Planning and Execution

  • Utility Sector Restoration Support

Risk Evaluation and Strategy

  • Tactical and Strategic Risk Evaluation

  • Inherent Risks of Asset Portfolio

  • Contractual Portfolio and Related Risks

  • Risk Measurement Principles, Practices, and Analytics

  • Risk Mitigation Techniques

  • Execution and Reporting Capabilities Assessment

Corporate Management Services

  • Interim Management Services (Finance, Operations, Risk, IT)

  • Procurement, Solicitation, and Contract Management Services

Strategy and Performance Improvement
Litigation Support an Expert Testimony
Risk Evaluation and Strategy
Corporate Mgmt Services
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