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We understand industries undergoing rapid change.

Scidan Consulting was founded to build long-term strategic client relationships across dynamic markets and industries, including the energy, financial services, utilities, and emergency management sectors. We understand that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Innovative solutions require understanding the complex interrelationships between diverse organizational and business process drivers. We distinguish our client services by focusing on these interrelationships and seeking the most effective solution to each client’s unique and specific issues. 


The volatility of Energy markets requires strategic thinking, effective decision-making, efficient analysis and the ability to adjust operations to changing conditions. 

The Energy sector is replete with operational complexities that introduce opportunities to improve bottom-line value to organizations. Scidan Consulting can help maximize the value of a project or transaction by managing the complexity of every step in the supply chain. 

  • Raw Commodity Development (Oil, Natural Gas, Coal)

    • Exploration & Production

    • Midstream


  • Conversion of raw commodities into derivative commodities and other products, for example:

    • Electricity (Power) Production & Delivery (Utilities)

    • Heat Production & Delivery (Utilities)

    • Manufacturing Feedstocks


  • Contractual Infrastructure of Supply Chain (Both Financial and Operational)

    • Drilling and Exploration Services 

    • Site Facilities, Gathering, and Processing

    • Transportation of Raw Commodities

    • Fuel and Commodity Procurement

    • Energy Conversion 

    • Transmission and Transportation of Manufactured Products

    • Renewable and Traditional PPA negotiation, valuation, and renewal / renegotiation



Financial services organizations are charged daily with making strategic decisions for a diversified portfolio of equity and debt investments.

The finance sector is continually searching for and executing on new opportunities to maximize return on investment. These investment opportunities are often in industries or environments in which  Scidan Consulting has considerable experience and expertise. Scidan Consulting helps financial services organizations make better-informed decisions by aligning tactical judgments with the overall strategic decision-making process. Our team is adept at defining and evaluating the key operating drivers of the underlying investment entity, the financial and cash flow elements of those drivers, and deriving appropriate solutions to execute in the future. Scidan Consulting can also provide management services that can either augment the current management of an enterprise or step into the key management roles of a company. 

Financia Services


Utilities face changing market dynamics that are forcing them to rethink and restructure their businesses.

The utility industry has transformed from a set of relatively homogenous options that provided a safe haven for risk-averse investors to a set of complex and diverse companies whose profiles can differ significantly. Utilities today must not only manage the operating and financial risks of their regulatory compacts but also potentially diversify into a host of non-regulated, higher risk income-producing ventures for its shareholders. Low natural gas prices, increased penetration of renewable generation, out-of-market contracts, and emerging consumption patterns have changed utility economics. Evolving customer demands, environmental risks, and new regulatory regimes are putting significant stress on customer rates, business profitability, or both. A utility’s regulatory compact is far more complex and subject to financial downside than in the past. Regulators in many jurisdictions have taken an increased interest in the operational capabilities of the utility, and, in some cases, actively pushing for aggressive change. Utilities are grappling with these new realities now, all while concurrently managing their broad array of complex assets and contractual obligations to provide safe and reliable service to customers. 


Scidan Consulting’s team has a proven track record of delivering solutions to these utility client challenges in many different regulatory environments. Additionally, we can assist with assessing and evaluating the strategic and tactical aspects of non-regulated ventures and provide insight into the risks and benefits of these strategic opportunities.

Emergency Management


When hurricanes, wildfires, floods, or other natural disasters hit, execution means everything.  

An effective emergency management response requires agility, collaboration, and adaptability—sometimes under exceedingly difficult circumstances. The team at Scidan Consulting has experience operating in these critical environments and is ready to help your organizations make sound decisions and manage recovery when disaster strikes. We understand the challenges in coordinating a response among the private sector, local, state, federal, military, and volunteer resources. We have familiarity with the processes, communication, and multi-faceted challenges that communities, utilities, and companies face in the wake of large-scale emergencies. issues. 

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